Grails: Nike Hyper Adapt

Image from

What are they: Nike Hyper Adapt (any colourway, but especially the white out Friends & Family version)

Why do I want them: Are you kidding? I would want these even if they were ugly! Just because of the auto-lacing and the fact that the key designer was a woman (I have a design crush on Tiffany Beers). These aren’t ugly though. They look amazing and apparently feel great on foot. I think the technology is so cool and the design process to take them from concept to retail was crazy impressive. These are everything that a grail sneaker should be: limited, historically important, hard to track down (for a good price) and something I would actually wear.

Tiffany Beers *insert heart eyes emoji* (Pic from Sneaker News)

The Hyper Adapt has never released in Canada and I have never even seen someone wearing them (or holding them, or even been in the same postal code as a pair). At this point even getting to try them out seems impossible and I am resigned to the fact that they will never release in Toronto.

The only hope is that prices are dropping for re-sell and maybe they will get down to a place that I feel comfortable. If any shoe is worth spending the $$$ it has to be this one. If I ever get my hands on them, expect to see me wearing them the very next day. Once they are fully charged of course.

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